The Microstar Lab

About The MicroStar Lab

MicroStar Lab began as a small industrial microbiology lab. We are dedicated to providing quality microbiological testing for a few specific manufactured products, and a limited number of industries. Originally, we specialized in fungus and bacteriological challenge tests for paint, paper, and gypsum board. We have evolved into the one of the world’s premier mold-resistance testing facilities. Bacteriological studies run a close second compendium.

The Lab started out in a 1000 sq. foot office condo space and quickly grew into a 2700 sq. foot freestanding building. Within 4 years of opening our doors, we moved to our current 6700 sq. foot facility. Each successive move provided better physical and environmental control of the lab and its evolution.

Our Facility is equipped with:

  • Tightly controlled building access, security cameras, and alarm systems to ensure physical control.
  • Backup generators to ensure that critical systems perform whether the power outage is caused by a summer brownout, a winter ice storm, or a driver that takes out a power line. In addition, our environmental chambers continue to run, uninterrupted, with UPSs to fill any gaps.
  • HEPA filtered air systems to protect both customer samples and employees.
  • UV sterilization of the circulating air to reduce airborne contamination.
  • Specially designed warm rooms.
  • Data logging devices that feed data directly into the server and give the Lab better environmental controls than most of our competitors.
  • Separate test chambers for each test.
  • Room for expansion to meet our customer’s ever-expanding needs.

Our Expertise:

The testing MicroStar Lab performs can only be run well by microbiologists. Neither fungus nor bacteria testing can be easily added to the scope of tests offered by a mechanical or electrical laboratory. The skills required to perform microbiological testing are different than those of engineers. Mold-resistance testing methods, such as the MIL-STD-810 Method 508 and ASTM G-21, require a very high level of expertise in order to achieve reliable, consistent, and reproducible results. This level of expertise can only be attained through years of experience, proper training, internal audits, a dedicated management team, and world-class facilities.Many of the fungus tests we perform use USDA permitted organisms. Only USDA inspected and approved laboratories are cleared to purchase, use, and maintain these organisms. Our extensive culture collections contain many USDA permitted organisms of both bacteria and fungus, making your testing experience with MicroStar Lab effortless. Where many other labs do not have the USDA permits and must wait for their approvals, MicroStar has the organisms in-house to perform industry and military standard tests whenever you require them.Not only is our staff knowledgeable with regard to the test methods, but we also participate at the meetings where the methods are updated and revised. Our Laboratory Director, Judy LaZonby, chairs the ASTM subcommittees that are responsible for both the ASTM G-21 and the D3273 fungus resistance test methods. She also participates in the IEST meetings where the MIL-STD-810 test method is continuously updated and revised.

Our Quality Commitment:

The MicroStar Lab management team and staff are committed to ensuring accurate and timely microbiological testing services. We are committed to building strong connections of communication with our customers and to the implementation of a quality management system. Our system is compliant with ISO 17025 standards as a means of continually improving the processes, and systems that nurture, as well as deliver the highest standards of laboratory testing. We ensure that all personnel are competent and qualified for the tasks they perform. Additionally we verify that all personnel familiarize themselves with quality system documentation in order to implement the policies and procedures in their work.Do you need some help to determine exactly what test is right for your application?As your testing partner, our experienced staff prides themselves in having the flexibility and creativity to offer solutions to many microbiological issues. We are always available to discuss your specific needs.