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Bacterial Test - AATCC TM 174 - Methods I & II

Mildew and Rot Resistance of Carpet Materials

This test method determines the antimicrobial activity of new carpet materials. There are three methods within the standard. Test I and II are found in Bacterial Testing.
Bacterial Testing - AATCC TM 174 - Carpet Bacterial Testing

Method I: Qualitative Assessment of Antibacterial Activity on Carpets: Single Streak Method.

Swatches of treated and untreated carpet samples are placed onto the surface of agar plates that have been inoculated with a streak of the test bacteria, incubated, and then evaluated for bacterial growth under and/or near the carpet samples. Zones of inhibition are measured and reported, if present. Growth or no growth under the samples is also reported.  

Method II: Quantitative Assessment of Antibacterial Activity on Carpets

Test carpets are inoculated with test organisms. After incubation the bacteria are eluted from the swatches and quantified to determine the percent reduction from the original number of recovered bacteria from Time 0 swatches.

ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 accredited by A2LA