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Bacterial Test - AATCC TM 211

Test Method for the Reduction of Bacterial Odor on Antibacterial-Treated Textiles

This method provides a quantitative procedure for the comparison and evaluation of the reduction of odor generated from textiles treated with antibacterial finishes after inoculation with the test bacteria.  After incubation, the inoculated samples are monitored for ammonia accumulation using Draeger Column Diffusion Tubes (20-1500ppm*hour).  Ammonia values for the treated samples are compared to an untreated control after the specified exposure time(s) to determine percent reduction.

Bacterial Testing - ASTM E2149 - Bacterial Testing Under Dynamic Contact Conditions
  • Either Proteus vulgaris ATCC 29905 or Staphylococcus saprophyticus ATCC 15305 are suggested as test organisms.
  • The maximum exposure time is 8-hours