The Microstar Lab

Fungal Test - TAPPI T 487 [withdrawn]

Fungus Resistance of Paper and Paperboard

Fungal Testing - TAPPI T-487 - Paper and Paperboard Testing
In the standard method test pieces are placed on a mineral salts agar and inoculated with fungal spores. Items are inoculated with one of 3 – 4 different organisms. Inoculated samples are incubated for 21 days and evaluated for fungal growth.
  • MicroStar Lab also performs a modified TAPPI T 487 with non-standard sample sizes and a customized, pooled inoculum.
  • TAPPI T 487 ratings are found to be ambiguous so a modified rating scale is used following the rating scheme in the ASTM G-21 test method. This gives a greater level of detail to the fungal growth. The ASTM G-21 rating scheme is used in addition to the TAPPI ratings.
  • TAPPI T 487 has been withdrawn without replacement by TAPPI, but can still be performed by MicroStar Lab.

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